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Permanent Recruitment: iNetScout with its extensive industry experience and connect has been able to prepare its own database of candidates in addition to industry’s best recruitment databases, for different industrial domains. Our recruitment team works with the client to understand the details of the position much beyond what is mentioned in the Job description; this helps in identifying the right candidate that fits client’s location, cultural, behavioral, skills and experience needs.

In addition, our recruitment teams are in touch with passive job seekers who are not active on job portals thus increasing the probability of positioning the right fit candidate.

In the given age of effective & efficient business operations, iNetScout has experienced client’s wanting to concentrate more on their core business and outsourcing their IT staffing position to a reliable and experienced vendor.

This has been achieved through 2 ways of operating model:

  • Contract Staffing
  • Complete Outsourcing as Managed Service

Contract Staffing: We at iNetScout, have been able to provide “right fit” candidates to client to handle their IT operations on a very low cost thereby allowing the client to concentrate on their core business while the hassles of employment is taken care by iNetscout. This approach has helped many of the clients to utilize their highly skilled employees for top level work or project management.

iNetscout has developed a methodology by which it can provide resources who are termed as "day one ready" to handle operations.

iNetscout understands the client’s IT operational process and regulations and are ready to sign NDA to ensure each employee meets high industry standards.

iNetscout currently has 100+ of its own employees working on contracting terms at various client sites working under client management and following client’s IT operation process & regulation.

Managed Offshore Services: Building on the experience in contracting model iNetscout has been successfully in providing a cost effective, low investment, low risk and highly scalable offshore managed services model for small and mid sized organizations. Here end to end responsibility is with iNetScout.

iNetscout gives the client an professional experience by ensuring pre-agreed SLAs, governance meetings and providing regular performance reports.

iNetscout also can help client during its nascent stage of operational maturity to manage their IT/Payroll/Recruitment functions on a build-operate-transfer model.

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